It’s time to call your power back!

Many of us don’t even know of our innate power. Power is different than force, power is a type of inner magic, the ability to do- or be our greatest potential- to be so freely; surrendering self doubt and conditioned thinking that we’re not good enough or smart enough- the truth is that we are brilliant- and finding our power, calling it back and living it, is our greatest responsibility. Read more...

  • Or's work and teachings are with me every day and will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am eternally grateful and in awe of the work she does, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It seems there isn't a question on earth that she doesn't have the right answer to. Her delivery is soft and sweet and the most direct and powerful healer and therapist I have ever worked with. My life continues to improve at an exponential and sometimes unbelievable rate. She unlocks doors and helps me walk through and into the light behind them. She has taught me to see the lessons and light everything and all I do. She is a wonder, a precious marvel and entirely helpful.
    Gillian Z
  •   Or has a unique ability to read and understand the way energy works and can sense it in others whether in person or at a distance.  This seems to be one of her natural gifts.  She is not afraid to tread where others may not want to go.  I think it is this ability that assists her to get to the root spiritual and psychological issues upon which illness (physical or mental) arise.  Her caring nature provides a safe space for people to process and open up so that healing can take place.  Over the past year I have worked with Or I have been impressed as well as my clients who I have referred as well.
    James H
  • I have been working with Or weekly since 2012.  Her steadfast, compassionate and gentle approach always hits the right pitch even when I am confronting some of my most overwhelming challenges.  With her support I have released negative energy, thoughts and behaviors and learned to embrace the positive in more aspects of my life.  She has offered sensitive guidance and instruction that I have been able to effectively integrate through practice.  I am so grateful to Or for her generous ability to bear witness.
    Conni M
    Awareness Coach, Meditation Guide

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