you’re capable of more
than you know

  • You are intelligent.
    You know things. You know a lot of things. But there’s a voice inside that tells you otherwise. There’s a voice inside that says, “don’t speak until you have all the facts,” it says, “the other person is smarter than you.”
  • You are kind.
    You help others on a regular basis. You chat with people at the checkout line just because they’re buying a product you’ve used before, or because they seem to be in a bad mood and it brings you joy to cheers others up. You ask people how they are, and genuinely want to know their answers.
  • You are nurturing.
    Your friends and loved ones know they can always count on you for a hug or some cuddle time. You cook for them, make them tea, knit them pussy hats, buy them little presents and always listen to them and what’s happening in their lives.
  • You are a seeker.
    You love learning. You love discovering new places, ideas and things. You want to travel the world and in doing so you learn more about yourself, your relationships and your desires. Exploration brings you deep fulfillment and joy.
  • You are tired.
    With all you do for others and all you do to move your life along you’re overwhelmed. You don’t know why you still haven’t found the right partner, the right career, the right attitude. Although things seem very easy from an outsider’s perspective, inside you’re struggling. You want to feel good about the life you’re living, you just can’t figure out what’s blocking you.
  • You are important.
    This one might not seem so obvious, but it’s the most critical aspect of you. In the famous words of Marianne Williamson, “there is nothing enlightened about shrinking… we are all meant to shine… as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” As you learn that you are important, you will make it your responsibility to be everything you want to be, and to reach the heights you were born to reach.

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