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August 20, 2019
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Birth Story

On Friday morning I woke up with light period cramps. I took a shower and noticed a little bit of blood. I had breakfast and cleaned the lower cabinets in the kitchen (got down on all fours to get things moving) while watching the last of the LYL videos. I also had several bowel movements throughout the morning.

The cramps weren’t bad and inconsistent but I texted Josh at work to let him know. I didn’t say anything to anyone else except my two mom friends who both said it could be another week.

I talked with my grandpa on the phone and he said a prayer for me and baby (like he knew he was going to be born that night). By noon my husband called and said he’s on his way home.  My parents were over, we had lunch and went down to clean the car. I was really tired and decided to take a little nap just in case I needed the energy if this was the real deal.

After my husband and I napped I went to the bathroom and had very sticky and bloody mucus. I decided to wear a pad and finish packing my hospital bag.

Around 4pm, I asked my parents to go on a walk with me. We got about 20 feet from the house and I just couldn’t walk anymore. The cramps were getting intense. We turned back around and came home.

I don’t remember how the next two hours flew by but by 6pm we were all gathered around the kitchen table for dinner and the contractions were getting very intense. With each one I got down on my knees and laid my head and arms on my exercise ball.

I told my husband he could not be on his phone while I was having contractions. He listened. My 11-year-old bonus daughter was super chatty and sweet. She was trying to distract me from the pain during each contraction. Since they were getting really close together I asked her to track them and downloaded an app to help. She helped by pressing the button each time they started and ended. It was amazing how quickly they came and went. During each one I didn’t want anyone touching me. I didn’t want anyone talking to me. But I was fully present and aware of all the sensations. And in between each one I was really comfortable and relaxed.

I didn’t eat dinner, just a few bites of bread. I saw that the contractions were less than 4 minutes apart, but I didn’t think labor would happen so fast so we decided to stay home longer. By 7:30 I was bleeding a lot. The contractions were really intense and I said to my husband in the middle of one “I want a c-section!” (this made me laugh once the contraction was over because a c-section was my biggest fear).

My mom kept telling my husband that we should really be going to the hospital now… we sent the kids to spend the night at Grandma’s and decided around 8pm it was time to go to the hospital.

On my way to the car I got down on the floor in the courtyard of our building while I had a contraction and in the car I could barely sit. I had about 3 contractions in the 15-minute car ride to the hospital. When we arrived I got down on the floor in the entrance to the hospital for another contraction and then again in the admitting office inside. There was a lovely woman with her toddler who told me I’ll be just fine, that I got this. I gave her a hug before heading upstairs to the delivery floor.

They wanted to give me a wheelchair, I told them I cannot sit and would rather walk (got down on all fours again in front of the elevator). My husband brought our bag and ball (which we did not end up using) and met my mom and me upstairs.

The nurses took me into the delivery room and checked me- I was already 8cm dilated!! They asked if I wanted any medication for the pain- at this point I was confused because I was in labor for such a short time and didn’t know how many more hours it would be… the nurses were saying it’s just going to get more and more painful especially since my water didn’t break yet, luckily my husband reminded me that if I was already 8cm getting any kind of pain meds would only slow me down (remember, this is the guy who 9 months ago told me I wouldn’t be able to do this without medication!). My mom rolled her eyes at the nurses who were sort of pushing the pain meds on me. I declined and undressed. They called my OB and said she’ll be there soon.

I got on the bed and they put a monitor around my belly. I was on all fours and my husband comforted me through each contraction. I really did feel the contractions like waves and him guiding me to inhale and exhale was so supportive. Each wave was a strong push of baby coming down lower and lower.

When my OB arrived she stroked my head with her hands which was super comforting. I didn’t want anyone touching me other than her. Then I felt the urge to push and she reassured me that it’s time. I was scared to push because I thought I might tear, but she said baby is coming. I was on all fours and just felt like I was pooping with all my might. Then I was repositioned on my side with my legs open and supported. My water hadn’t broken yet and the bag was pressing down, my mom took a photo and showed me- it was really cool to see and I loved how involved I got to be in it. Then it raptured (all over my mom!) we laughed and then the head came. I could feel the hair! They brought me a big mirror so I could watch. My OB repositioned me on my back with both legs now on harnesses. I got scared because I didn’t want to push that way but she reassured me that it was the best position and the baby was coming. I chose to trust her. Everyone was holding onto my legs and thighs and they told me to push and pull my legs in at the same time. I only had to do it two or three times and then baby was out! My husband told me it’s a boy and they immediately placed him on my chest.

Placenta came next and two stitches (from the way his fist came out). I thought I’d have to push the placenta out but OB said to just let it come out on it’s own.

The stitches and numbing stuff she put on hurt really bad.

She also put in a catheter because I couldn’t pee and my bladder was full- I didn’t feel this at all! I only knew because she told me.

Baby was on me the entire time and they wrapped us in blankets because at this point I was shaking cold.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was terrified of a hospital birth but with the right OB and the LYL program along with meditations and exercise I had the best labor I could have imagined. It was only a few hours long, I was at the hospital for only 50 mins before Nixon was born and only pushed for 18 mins.

Labor was powerful. Labor was beautiful. Labor was intense. Labor was magical.


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