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5 Ways to Connect with Your Inner Child

I love seeing the patterns arise in my client sessions- they can change week by week, day by day or month by month. But there seems to be an overall pattern between certain clients who are worlds apart in their situations (and even physical location) but are dealing with the same inner changes.

This week I’m seeing the need for a connection with the inner child (aka little girl, divine child, magical child, 5-year-old self, etc.)

I’ve been asked: how do I connect with her? I don’t have any memories of her… so I’m challenged to go there… I messed up and hurt her, I don’t know what she wants…

The first thing to remember is that she is already in you. She is already part of you. You don’t have to travel to her, you just have to create the space for her to feel safe enough to show herself.

Depending on your resistance connecting and being in relationship with her can feel natural, easy and fun, or it can be a bit more challenging and take longer.

Some ideas on connecting with her:

  • Think of an activity you used to love as a kid- the park, ice cream, the mall, coloring, collecting bugs…- and if physically available, go and do it.
  • Journal using your non-dominant hand… this accesses the part of your brain that you’re less connected to and can allow your subconscious to open up
  • Look at old pictures of yourself, pay attention to the feelings and the thoughts as they come up. What is the overall emotion? Do emotions change drastically between certain ages or pictures with certain people?
  • Write love notes to her every evening before going to bed – put them in a jar on your bedside table, read them first thing in the morning before getting out of bed
  • Sit in front of the mirror and literally talk to her- out loud!


As you read through some of the ideas above, did one feel more exciting than the others?  Did you roll your eyes at these and think, uhh no, I’m not doing that! Your response to the ideas might let you know how resistant you are to connecting with your inner child, and in turn let you know how stuck you might be in being “an adult” or “a grown up” meaning how much more you might want to try one of the above… 🙂


Lots of love,

Dr. Or


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