What does Fertility have to do with Empowerment?

Fertility is the basis for life.
If you are a woman* with a uterus and ovaries, whether or not you choose to create a child,
your fertility and reproductive health are vital signs of your overall physical and energetic health.

Some of the things the wellbeing of your fertility affects are: your weight, mood, energy level, sex drive, hair, nails, anxiety and yeast infections or UTIs.
If you are taking hormones for birth control, or to "regulate your periods" you're giving your reproductive system inaccurate information. That means your brain, thyroid, liver, adrenals, and ovaries are misinformed about your health. If you're on these hormones because of a hormonal imbalance, you are simply masking the problem.
Although your acne may have gone away, or you no longer have cramps, or you just enjoy not having a period every month, you're stopping your body from its innate role: to create life. No, not a baby! Life in terms of happiness, joy, creativity, motion, play, excitement and curiosity. We have traded all of that for the mere practicality of not getting pregnant.

There is a method of birth control that "requires you to learn how to be a woman" (Kelly Brogan, MD).
I recommend this method to any of my clients who are currently on hormonal contraceptives or who are trying to get pregnant.
Although I do not teach FAM for birth control, I do incorporate some of the principles of FAM with my own methods, to better understand your body and help you get past whatever PMS symptoms you experience.
(More about FAM coming soon. Until then you can email me to find out more).

If you are struggling with getting pregnant, or have been given the "diag-nonesense" of infertility your doctors may have been giving you inaccurate information. Our bodies never lie- they tell it like it is. And what your body is sending you is a message that needs to be listened to and understood before you can move forward. You are not being punished in any way, you are simply receiving information. Your job is to understand what that information is and then work with it.
In my practice I work with women who are trying to conceive. Together we decipher the messages from the body and uncover physical, emotional and energetic blocks standing in the way of your successful pregnancy.

On this page, you will find descriptions of archetypes according to the stage of a woman's fertility. The transition between these archetypes isn't based on an age group, but rather on life experience and inner development and growth. A woman can be one of these, all of these or none of these, during any stage of her life.
Some cultures use ceremonies to mark the right of passage between each of these archetypes (Baptism, QuinceaƱera, Bat Mitzvah, Graduation Ceremony, Wedding, Divorce, etc). Possibly because of a lack of ceremonial value in our Western society, young girls (I speak from my own personal experience) have used sex and drugs to help them transition between these stages of life. It is never too late to revisit any of these stages and reconnect to the values they each provide us.

Young girls can start menstruating as early as 8 years old or as late as 16 or 17. It takes the reproductive system years to develop, and so a young girl may not be fertile even if she is getting her period.
This stage is all about purity, playfulness, and curiosity. It is the young maiden who celebrates life because she is so connected to nature and the abundance life has to offer. She has yet to be conditioned with pain and suffering that the adults experience. To her, life is full of potential.
The way in which she entered puberty (her environment and the way which her period was seen) has a huge impact on the future of her reproductive system.
If her foundation was rocky, if she didn't feel safe in her own skin, and if she didn't get introduced to the idea of her body changing from a role model who portrayed empowerment, her body would have reacted to that. Her body would have translated the message into PMS.
For those of us who were suffering from PMS during this time, our doctor may have put us on an oral contraceptive. The hormones added to our system put a halt on the development of our reproductive organs and thus on our development into the future stages of our lives.

The young woman is the lover of life. Not only can she feel the abundance life has to offer now, she can also feel her role in creation. She is feeling a desire to create (anything from starting her own garden to developing a new product to directing and producing a movie).
As she creates she will have to practice great responsibility with her creations.
Her second chakra is now active and running, it wants to produce!
If she hasn't received the foundation and support as she was growing up this may not feel attainable. If it feels attainable it might come with aggression, anger or a masculine need to push and prove herself. If anything like that is going on, she might experience PMS.
If she was supported through her transition from Maiden, she might feel her most powerful during ovulation or during her menses.
Notice which stage of the moon you bleed during. This will give you information about the nature of your periods.

Crone/Matriarch/Wise Woman
This great goddess holds the wisdom and it's time to pass it onto younger generations. She does so with ease and grace. The Crone is loving and accepting, yet challenges and directs with great intention and force. She is no longer here for her own development, but for the development of others. Although she has all the answers she guides us to find the answers within ourselves. Her physical body is no longer bleeding, as she's now holding the widsom within.
*I speak and work with anyone regardless of their gender identification. In my work, I refer to "women" and "femininity", and it is directed to anyone who identifies with those words. I do not mean to offend, take away, or judge anyone.

Or is insightful and helpful. She not only listens but questions you to confront your fears and face your challenges. She is both spiritual, dynamic, and relates to you. Or gives specific insightful feedback. I laugh, cry, and simply become a better "me" every time I speak with her. I am grateful for her.

Jenny H.

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