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your innate power?

My name is Or and I’m so excited at the possibility of working with you! I live in Southern California and work with people all over the country and the world…
we meet for our sessions over the phone, that way you can relax in the comfort of your home.
Using my intuition and muscle testing I read your energy which is how I facilitate our sessions.
I use a variety of energy medicine techniques depending on what we’re working on.
Usually I’ll ask you to hold acupressure points on your body (like your lungs, stomach, or bladder).
This helps you energetically release emotions that have been stored in your body for a long time.
I also work with Archetypes, Astrology, crystals, and Pranic Healing.
  • In our sessions we will focus on your energy, your mind, your subconscious, and your emotions. We will engage in a deep, connective process between you and your Self. We'll cry, laugh, sleep, travel, explore, sing, shout & learn..
  • Almost every one of us has experienced some form of abuse growing up, whether it was an external abuse or an internal one. Through that abuse we've lost connection with our Self; we may be angry, ashamed or afraid when it comes to being ourselves.
  • In our sessions you will get to know and create your Self, your power, and your magic. Just like one works out regularly to get and stay physically fit, you must work out regularly to get energetically, mentally and emotionally fit.

  • Sessions require your full participation. It's when you show up fully with the desire to feel better that quantum healing (or a quantum leap) can take place.
  • Our sessions are not a magic pill. We aren’t going to make all of your physical and emotional pain go away over night, nor would we want to (because pain is a way for our bodies to communicate with us). Sessions will, in time, very likely clear away any physical issues you may be experiencing.
  • Sessions are going to make a difference in your life. A difference in the way you relate to your body. A difference in the way you relate to the people closest to you. A difference in the way you connect with your loved ones, and the way you connect with your Self.

  • Sessions are one hour long.
    $150 for a single session Package rates available
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Or is insightful and helpful. She not only listens but questions you to confront your fears and face your challenges. She is both spiritual, dynamic, and relates to you. Or gives specific insightful feedback. I laugh, cry, and simply become a better "me" every time I speak with her. I am grateful for her.

Jenny H.

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